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ARTS 6.013.tif
A postcard featuring a drawing by Thomas Rowlandson (1756-1827) depicting a circular railway laid down by Richard Trevithick in 1808 on a site which is now Torrington Square, near Euston Station. The locomotive was designed by Trevithick and called…

ARTS 6.008.tif
Jimmy Trezise, Penzance, barber, with some of the steam engines he has painted over the years. PREVREF 1958 Exhibited at a Steam Nostalgia Show1870-1934.

BRIDG 8.011.tif
A passenger train on a Brunel viaduct. In the foreground is a man wearing a hat and long coat with a walking stick, standing near a stone wall, and apparently timing the train.

ARTS 8.010.tif
Photo reproduction of print sold at Sothebys in 1979. Part of Estate of Earl Beauchamp.

Clipping from The Westcountryman (19/5/1979):
"This 19th century print, part of a collection of railway prints being sold at Sotheby's next Friday, by order…

BRIDG 8.009.tif
Penwithers Viaduct. The first viaduct after leaving Truro on the Falmouth branch. This structure was 'filled in' to make an embankment in 1926. Depicts a steam train on the bridge with a cottage in the foreground and four men with a car. (Opie 636)

BRIDG 8.008.tif
Collegewood Viaduct on the Falmouth branch. Last of Brunel's wooden structures to be rebuilt (1934). The work on the new pillars for the replacement has commenced when the picture was taken.

BRIDG 6.001.tif
A photo of the first high speed diesel train across the Royal Albert Bridge, taken by Les Bowden returning from Penzance to Exeter in October 1969.

BRIDG 8.006.tif
Approaching the Royal Albert Bridge in steam days. Steam train visible.

BRIDG 8.005.tif
The first HST 125 on the Cornish Riviera service entering Devon from the Royal Albert Bridge at Saltash on 1 October 1979.

PEOP 8.025.tif
Members of the Cornwall Railway Society pictured during a visit to the Swindon Works of British Rail Engineering during a visit in March 1980.

BUILD 8.040.tif
A general view of the interior of Swindon Works.

BUILD 8.039.tif
General view of the interior of Swindon Works in 1980.

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BUILD 8.038.tif
Men looking at a crankshaft on a 1980 visit to Swindon Works.

BUILD 8.037.tif
Swindon rail works with a man and woman sitting in front of a steam engine.

BUILD 8.036.tif
A diesel engine at Swindon railway works. 1980.

Rail Steam Engine No 5562 P L165.


S R Train approaching 92 Squadron Loco? E N O 34081 P L 163.


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