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BRIDG 8.013.tif
A combined stile and bridge crossing the stream at Lamorna Cove near Penzance.

BRIDG 6.002.tif
A photo of London Bridge with a paddle steamer. Railway and other carriers' wagons dominate the horse-drawn traffic crossing London Bridge in 1890. Motor vehicles were still a doubtful and mistrusted form of transport. Even the buses here are…

BRIDG 4.003.tif
A stone bridge spanning a river with a large tree on the nearer side of the river. A woman is standing under the tree.

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BRIDG 8.011.tif
A passenger train on a Brunel viaduct. In the foreground is a man wearing a hat and long coat with a walking stick, standing near a stone wall, and apparently timing the train.

BRIDG 9.003.tif
Stone bridge replacing wooden Brunel wooden bridge

BRIDG 9.002.tif
A construction scene of a Brunel wooden bridge being replaced by stone.

BRIDG 4.002.tif
A model of the Brunel stone and wood viaduct railway train in the Pendon Museum at Long Wittenham, Berkshire.

BRIDG 8.010.tif
Stone viaduct with Brunel piers alongside.

BRIDG 8.009.tif
Penwithers Viaduct. The first viaduct after leaving Truro on the Falmouth branch. This structure was 'filled in' to make an embankment in 1926. Depicts a steam train on the bridge with a cottage in the foreground and four men with a car. (Opie 636)

ARTS 8.009.tif
Drawing of the opening of the Royal Albert Bridge in Saltash.

BRIDG 8.008.tif
Collegewood Viaduct on the Falmouth branch. Last of Brunel's wooden structures to be rebuilt (1934). The work on the new pillars for the replacement has commenced when the picture was taken.

BRIDG 6.001.tif
A photo of the first high speed diesel train across the Royal Albert Bridge, taken by Les Bowden returning from Penzance to Exeter in October 1969.

BRIDG 8.007.tif
The Brunel viaduct crossing Victoria Gardens, Truro, one of the longest of about 40 built in Cornwall by I.K. Brunel. This one, over 1200-feet in length and 150-feet high, was replaced by a granite structure in 1904. When the work was proceeding,…

BRIDG 8.006.tif
Approaching the Royal Albert Bridge in steam days. Steam train visible.

BRIDG 8.005.tif
The first HST 125 on the Cornish Riviera service entering Devon from the Royal Albert Bridge at Saltash on 1 October 1979.

BRIDG 9.001.tif
The Tamar Bridge, built by Cornwall County Council and Plymouth Corporation without government aid, opened in 1962. On the left side is Brunel's railway bridge of 1859.

BRIDG 8.002.tif
Royal Albert Bridge, Saltash. Floating the second section of the main span suspension area into position in 1858. Each section was estimated to weigh 1,000 tons.

BRIDG 8.001.tif
Royal Albert Bridge, Saltash. Raising the second span section in position in 1858. The section was raised at about 3 feet at a time and the masonry was built up to take the weight of each section which was estimated to be approximately 1,000 tons.

HARB 4.002.tif
The coaster 'Audacity' being taken out through the open Ross Bridge in Penzance.
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