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The graffiti reads:
'Put the mental idiot married women and girls on the dance floor so we can f**k them free as we dance or give them a lift and bump them off'

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George Ehrich, and the other of a couple embracing in a parody of the sculpture. The man in the image is Sid Rawle, leader of the Squatters' movement in the 1970s.

On the back of the print written by Serena Wadham:
'Sid Rawle +', the print has been cut down so the woman is un-named.

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A typed caption reads:
'The woman essentially serves the man in exchange for care and protection' Sheila Rowbotham
On the back of the print written by Serena Wadham:
'Ted Child and Wendy'

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A caption reads:
'Erin Pizzy writes about the men who need protection.'

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A typed caption accompanies this image:
"I believe that all reforming action in law and education would break down in front of the fact that long before the age at which a man can earn a position in society, Nature has determined women's destiny…

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Miss Ramnie Dadoo, daughter to Ghandi's adopted son. Krishna Menon, Dr Y Dadoo President of the South African Indian Congress.

Written on the back of the print by Serena Wadham:
'L to R, with the text as above

Anti Vietnam War demonstration London 1968

Written on the front of the print by Serena Wadham:
'Anti Nixon Demo'
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