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BRIDG 6.001.tif
A photo of the first high speed diesel train across the Royal Albert Bridge, taken by Les Bowden returning from Penzance to Exeter in October 1969.

BRIDG 8.006.tif
Approaching the Royal Albert Bridge in steam days. Steam train visible.

BRIDG 8.005.tif
The first HST 125 on the Cornish Riviera service entering Devon from the Royal Albert Bridge at Saltash on 1 October 1979.

BRIDG 9.001.tif
The Tamar Bridge, built by Cornwall County Council and Plymouth Corporation without government aid, opened in 1962. On the left side is Brunel's railway bridge of 1859.

BRIDG 8.004.tif
The Royal Albert Bridge over the River Tamar, showing houses on the banks of the river.

BRIDG 8.003.tif
Night-time photograph of the entrance to the Royal Albert Bridge, Saltash, as seen from the footplate.

BRIDG 8.002.tif
Royal Albert Bridge, Saltash. Floating the second section of the main span suspension area into position in 1858. Each section was estimated to weigh 1,000 tons.

BRIDG 8.001.tif
Royal Albert Bridge, Saltash. Raising the second span section in position in 1858. The section was raised at about 3 feet at a time and the masonry was built up to take the weight of each section which was estimated to be approximately 1,000 tons.
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