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ARTS 6.016.tif
A postcard depicting Manaccan Church on the Lizard Peninsula.

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Photo of Harrison Studios advertisement on the back of a postcard from the 19th century. Early photographers advertised on the back of any postcards they produced for general sale. This is a typical layout of a card from a Cornish photographer, dated…

A photo of a c. 1900 postcard (Running Repairs!) depicting an old woman repairing a boy's trousers. The work basket is lodged in the boy's wheelbarrow while granny goes into action on his trousers. Note the label torn from the end of the cotton reel…

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A postcard featuring a drawing by Thomas Rowlandson (1756-1827) depicting a circular railway laid down by Richard Trevithick in 1808 on a site which is now Torrington Square, near Euston Station. The locomotive was designed by Trevithick and called…

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Photo of a postcard featuring three children and a snowman in a snowy scene with the inscription, 'A merry Christmas'. Folded cards as we know them now did not emerge until the 1920s-'30s. This card, carrying a King Edward VII green half-penny stamp…

ARTS 9.004.tif
Postcard depicting couple at a railway station looking at a sign advertising 'Cornish Riviera'. Text of poem 'Jan and Jane's Holiday' reads:

"The Carnish Riv-reera! Well, Jane!!
I wonder what that there do mane?
It do seem some queer;

ARTS 9.003.tif
"A Cornishman's Mascot" - a rather crusty looking pasty tied by fancy cord to a horseshoe. Incidentally, the horseshoe is hung upside down, allowing the luck to pour out. Frith Card postmarked Truro 1921

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Copy of a postcard designed by A.E. Philip around the turn of the century. They were printed by various card manufacturers. This particular cars is Frith's No 6370B and was posted at Newquay in 1913.

The message written on the postcard includes…


ARTS 9.001.tif
An unnumbered Frith postcard (printed in Saxony as many of them were). One of a variety of this type to be found in old collections. This card titled 'A few lines from Dear Old Cornwall' is a mock letter written in Cornish dialect with a blank for…

ARTS 8.006.tif
Penzance Lifebuoy Series. Inset shows Fountain in Morrab Gardens.

This type of card with its many variations was the forerunner of the more usual traditional 'comic' seaside card. It was produced and sold at most seaside resorts during the first…

ARTS 8.002.tif
A composite photo showing a few of the many different Land's End cachets referred to in the text of 'Postal History'. The 'Old Man at Land's End' was a character who sold postcards from a clifftop stall. The best-one one, which appeared for several…

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"When was Camborne? When Redruth presented Parwith Double boys." These cards were popular in Cornwall and Devon during the first two decades of the 20th century.


ARTS 8.004.tif
Reproduction of a postcard grin the First and Last Inn in Land's End showing words to old song thought to have originated about 1910.

Blackbird Song

Oi knows where that blackbird be,
Oi knows where ee be .. (bu---r)

Ee Be in Yon wurzel…

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PEOP 9.001.tif
A photographic postcard depicting a man eating limpets with the caption, "Eat limpets and live. Everything all kiff with Cousin Jack". "All Kiff" was a common term used by miners when writing home from abroad. It is thought to have been a distorted…

ARTS 8.003.tif
The caption reads: 'In Morrab Gardens, Penzance. I am quite fascinated by the "surroundings" here.
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