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A passenger sits waiting, reading a newspaper.

A general view of the Railway Station from Cliff Road

PEOP 4.021.tif
Great Western Railway group photo of drivers and conductors.

TRANS 8.154.tif
Number of these Trains increased from 7 p.a. in 1926 to 400 Growers Specials in 1934

ARTS 9.004.tif
Postcard depicting couple at a railway station looking at a sign advertising 'Cornish Riviera'. Text of poem 'Jan and Jane's Holiday' reads:

"The Carnish Riv-reera! Well, Jane!!
I wonder what that there do mane?
It do seem some queer;

Aerial view over the harbour from Lescudjack across to St Marys church farm gate in the foreground with mother and two children.

Penzance Railway Station and Engine Shed showing the Standard Gauge tracks of the old West Cornwall Railway and the Broad Gauge lines of the Great Western in situ together.
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