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JDC 364.tif
View of girls procession at the corner of a building at Fore Street, at the 'Green' opposite lower Green Street.
Mark on print top left is straight from the negative.
Refer to JDS 359, centre top left to see the building as is.

JDC 033.tif
Halfway up street, thatched bakehouse, at right site of infants school, children in street


CUST 8.038D.tif
The participants in the 1976 Knill Ceremony walking up the hill to the summit where the celebrations take place.

CUST 8.038C.tif
The Knill Ceremony. The fiddler leads dancers along the plinth of the steeple in the 1976 ceremony.

CUST 8.038B.tif
Walking from St Ives Guildhall to Knill Monument, with fiddler leading the way.

CUST 8.038A.tif
Walking from St Ives Guildhall to Knill Monument.

ANIM 4.003.tif
Mare named Margaret at Devonshire Horse Centre

ANIM 4.002.tif
Sam Pinney aged two leading two horses

OCC 6.002.tif
A typical hand-propelled ice cream wagon of the early decades of the 20th century. Pictured on the Penzance Promenade at the bottom of Morrab Road in the 1920s, it was owned by the Scoble family who were well-known ice cream makers of the era. The…

OCC 6.001.tif
An ice cream vendor with hand barrow and children customers. Picture from 'Grandfathers London' (Putnam, 4 Great Russell Street, 1956/61), see page 34.

MIN 8.085.tif
St Ives Consols showing children at work.

Children were often employed on refining stages, sometimes working in water with bare feet. Their ages ranged from about seven or eight to 12 or 13. Their pay would have been from 1d to 2d on starting,…


PEOP 8.055.tif
Young boy playing with Dinky Toy models of lorries and bulldozers.

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PEOP 8.054.tif
Two young boys with Dinky Toy models of buses and lorries.

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ARTS 8.017.tif
A Victorian youngster proudly presents his home-made model of a Mount's Bay lugger (a Cornish fishing boat of the period), as some of the same rig can be seen in the background.

ARTS 8.016.tif
Victorian children with their pet Jack Russell terrier enjoy a ride on a simple seesaw balanced on a sawn-off tree trunk.

PEOP 8.052.tif
Children dressed in Victorian costumes, playing with hoops and skipping ropes.

ARTS 6.011.tif
A photo of a Christmas card. Staged scenes such as this were sold as Christmas cards in the early days. Christmas hampers dispatched by rail from London and other big town stores were unreturnable and often given to the children to play with. This…

ARTS 6.009.tif
Photo of a postcard featuring three children and a snowman in a snowy scene with the inscription, 'A merry Christmas'. Folded cards as we know them now did not emerge until the 1920s-'30s. This card, carrying a King Edward VII green half-penny stamp…

PEOP 8.046.tif
Family groups watching birds on Polgigga Pond.

PREVREF 1876 duplicate
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