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ARTS 6.015.tif
Photo of painting of horse and cart collecting seaweed at Porthcurno

SHIP 9.019.tif
Horse team hauling Newquay lifeboat back up the beach road after practice launching. Note men on either side with shovels having spread ashes in the route.

MIN 9.013.tif
A typical scene of china clay wagons, their contents being loaded onto trucks at the St Austell terminus of the Pentewan Railway for onward transmission to the port for shipment. The section of the railway track was lifted in 1916, but some remains…

MIN 9.012.tif
A copy of a postcard depicting the loading of china clay from cars and chute to a ship in Charlestown Harbour, St Austell.

MIN 9.011.tif
Carclaze china clay drying sheds with wagons and horses.

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FARM 8.026.tif
1970 recreation of a 1920s scene. Typical horse-drawn binding reaper. The bound sheaves were collected and up-ended to dry out in 'shooks' of about a dozen sheaves. Part of a row can be seen on the right of the photograph. One sheaf has just been…

FARM 8.025.tif
1920s Albion binding reaper scene recreated in 1970. Sovereign, Baron and Prince wait with their 1920s Albion binding reaper while 'croust' is served by Diana Flowers.

FARM 8.024.tif
Typical horse-ploughing scene.

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ANIM 4.003.tif
Mare named Margaret at Devonshire Horse Centre

ANIM 4.002.tif
Sam Pinney aged two leading two horses

SHIP 4.038.tif
Newquay lifeboat being hauled on Lifeboat Day.

SHIP 4.037.tif
Horse-drawn lifeboat in street with spectators.

ANIM 4.001.tif
John the horse owned by Mr Rowe of St Austell is seven years old. Here he carries 4 1/2 cwt of harness including 146 bells and 700 pieces of brasswork. PREVREF 2127 duplicate


FARM 8.023.tif
Typical late-afternoon scene in almost any Cornish scene in the 1920s or '30s. The machine is a cultivator, known all over Cornwall as a 'scuffler'. The height of the tines is adjustable through the handle on the driver's right.

FARM 8.022.tif
A horse-hauled clod crusher used for cultivation (used from about 1900), A typical country scene in Cornwall.

IND 8.004.tif
Loading china clay from a horse and cart onto a ship in Penzance.

BUILD 8.059.tif
St Buryan Church, pictured with two horse-carriages in front, both full of people. Sign on the right side for St Buryan Hotel. (Photo donated by E. Richards, 6/7/1980)

TRANS 8.221.tif
Engine had been to Smithfield Show & was on way to Exeter by rail for delivery to Anderton & Rowland PREVREF 2153 duplicate
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