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Location St Levan churchyard, near Porthcurno

View across the beach area to the rock formation named Castle Treen Dinas.
Of interest to the reverse of the card is a hand ink stamped logo for Lands End

General view of this unique rock formation situated near Porthcurno

ARTS 6.015.tif
Photo of painting of horse and cart collecting seaweed at Porthcurno

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Photo of engraving of The Falmouth, Gibraltar, and Mediterranean Telegraph titled 'The Cliffs at Porthcurnew Bay, Cornwall'.

From Illustrated London News 25/6/1870. See PREVREF 1786 & 1743

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Photo of engraving titled 'Landing the cable at Porthcurnew [sic] Bay'.

From Illustrated London News 25/6/1870

Three British Hovercraft at Porthcurno Beach Army Maneoveres? Edward Richards Album P 79. c1973..
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