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View of the tower at sunset

From an engraving 1832

Location St Levan churchyard, near Porthcurno

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Carved bench ends in St Levan Church depicting the legendary fish named 'chuck cheelds', caught by Selevan.

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Logan Rock Inn at Treen, St Levan, pictured about 1900. This is copied from an unnumbered Argall postcard without date or any form of endorsement. Note the advert for Allsop's Lager which is interesting in these days when lager is the 'in' drink and…

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Whistle Cottage, St Levan. Properly named Mount Whistle, situated near St Buryan Bottoms but in the parish of St Levan and on the periphery of the farm holding of Trengothal (St Aubyn Estates, Ltd). Photo taken in 1960. There has since been an…
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