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ARTS 6.015.tif
Photo of painting of horse and cart collecting seaweed at Porthcurno

PEOP 8.066.tif
A photo of an oil painting by John Linnell of Richard Trevithick, the 'Cornish Giant'. He was said to be over 6-feet tall with a powerful build. Like many, he did not shine academically at school but developed a broad practical knowledge of steam…

ARTS 6.012.tif
From a drawing by Thomas Rowlandson (175601827), showing oxen with their wagon waiting to be loaded, people sitting near hayricks and trees and hills in the background. PREVREF 2190 duplicate

ARTS 6.008.tif
Jimmy Trezise, Penzance, barber, with some of the steam engines he has painted over the years. PREVREF 1958 Exhibited at a Steam Nostalgia Show1870-1934.

SHIP 8.048.tif
Men painting the side of an unknown ship.

This is a painting unsigned but has been confirmed by experts to be a painting by Lamorna Birch.
The Painting is located and belongs to the Morrab Library.
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