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The postcard entitled "Fresh Pilchards" depicts a woman fish jowster sitting atop her donkey cart holding a mackerel.

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A typical scene of china clay wagons, their contents being loaded onto trucks at the St Austell terminus of the Pentewan Railway for onward transmission to the port for shipment. The section of the railway track was lifted in 1916, but some remains…

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The owner, holding the horse, was J.H. Williams, known locally as Joe Bun.

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A copy of a postcard depicting the loading of china clay from cars and chute to a ship in Charlestown Harbour, St Austell.

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Milk float with woman driver.

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Identified by Cornishman readers

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A postcard (and photo copy of the postcard), postmarked Camborne Nov 30, 1906, which is captioned, 'Fresh Pilchards', and depicts a woman sitting in a cart pulled by a donkey, with baskets of fish in the cart with her. The woman pictured is actually…

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An ice cream vendor with hand barrow and children customers. Picture from 'Grandfathers London' (Putnam, 4 Great Russell Street, 1956/61), see page 34.

The is an early "Frith" photograph (No 56281) from about 1900, the car registration number is A 8961
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