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PEOP 8.080C.tif
Gwynedd Haslock in action in Newquay.

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PEOP 8.080B.tif
Gwynedd Haslock riding a typical Atlantic roller at Widemouth Bay during a British Championship surfing event.

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GARD 9.002.tif
Part of a series of photos showing the building of a Cornish hedge and garden. This photo shows a woman walking along the side of a road.

PEOP 8.080A.tif
Gwynedd Haslock, pictured after competing in the British Surfing Competitions.

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TRANS 8.226.tif
P O Copyright. Women Drivers & Grooms formed into a Corps to man the Mail Van during 14-18 War

OCC 4.002A.tif
A postcard (and photo copy of the postcard), postmarked Camborne Nov 30, 1906, which is captioned, 'Fresh Pilchards', and depicts a woman sitting in a cart pulled by a donkey, with baskets of fish in the cart with her. The woman pictured is actually…

PEOP 8.063.tif
Jayne Thomas of Brixton samples some new flavours at the South Devon Catering Exhibition in early 1983.

PEOP 8.061.tif
A woman wearing the original uniform for postwomen, issued 1915.

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PEOP 8.058.tif
Woman serving at a Teddy Bears' Picnic in a grand dining room.

PEOP 8.056.tif
Woman holding model railway carriage.

PEOP 8.040.tif
Dorothy Rowena Cade, founder of the Minack Theatre.

PREVREF 1499 duplicate photo

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PEOP 8.039.tif
Rowena Cade working at the Minack Theatre at age 80.

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PEOP 8.038.tif
Rowena Cade, pictured at age 80 at the Minack Theatre. This photograph is one of a collection which was used in a London-published magazine feature in 1975, written and illustrated by Richard Angove.
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