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PEOP 8.064.tif
Men in uniform on beach with cart and horse. Men have belts reading BT TVLC with crown insignia.

TRANS 8.230.tif
The owner, holding the horse, was J.H. Williams, known locally as Joe Bun.

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OCC 4.003.tif
Milk float with woman driver.

TRANS 8.226.tif
P O Copyright. Women Drivers & Grooms formed into a Corps to man the Mail Van during 14-18 War

TRANS 8.224.tif
Identified by Cornishman readers

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TRANS 6.163.tif
From 'Grandfathers London' page 112. The Train route was Uxbridge Road Stationto Chiswick

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TRANS 8.222.tif
Lady giving driver her weekly basket of eggs butter etc to be sold at the local market PREVREF 2015 duplicate

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TRANS 6.134.tif
George Francis Train's American built Tram

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The is an early "Frith" photograph (No 56281) from about 1900, the car registration number is A 8961

MIN 8.030.tif
A horse-powered winding "whim". A whim, also called a whim gin or a horse capstan, is a device similar to a windlass used in mining for hauling materials to the surface. It comprises a capstan or a wide drum with a vertical axle. A rope is wound…

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GARD 8.004.tif
The Last Tree in England, at Trevescan, Land's End.
Two copies. See GARD 8.003
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