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R.N.L.I. Lifeboat Diana White assisting a small sailing vessel

Rather faint print of the lifeboat "Richard Lewis" on its carriage with all the crew aboard sitting at their oars.
Posed in front of the Lifeboat House at the end of the Penzance promenade. Several onlookers.

SERV 24HG 022.tif
Early Lifeboat with crew in Cork Lifejackets

WRECKS 32HG 042.tif
The barge was carrying rum,sugar and coconuts

PEOP 8.079.tif
Report in 'The Cornishman' from 14/11/1992 in the '25 Years Ago' section, quoting a story from the newspaper from 1964:

"A five-minute rescue has earned Henry Nicholas coxswain of the Sennen Lifeboat, the bronze clasp of the Royal National…

PEOP 8.078.tif
Portrait of Jack Worth, coxswain of Penlee Lifeboat.

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Horse team hauling Newquay lifeboat back up the beach road after practice launching. Note men on either side with shovels having spread ashes in the route.

SHIP 4.038.tif
Newquay lifeboat being hauled on Lifeboat Day.

SHIP 4.037.tif
Horse-drawn lifeboat in street with spectators.

PEOP 8.022.tif
The Harry, a ketch-rigged Brixham trawler, wrecked near Porthcurno on 13 March 1910 during a southerly gale. The crew of four was picked up by the Sennen lifeboat from the small boat in which they had left the wreck. Brigham no. 62 was built by…


WRECK 4.026.tif
Identical from R Album for Penlee Exhibition

Lifeboat 'The Covent Garden' mounted on launching trolley,crew posing with oars. St Ives harbour with a large collection of tall ships.


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