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JDC 372.tif
Cretehill was used for refuelling steam powered, visiting East coast drifters amongst others. It was badly damaged by a German air attack in May 1941. Refloated and towed away in 1949. The vessel behind and moored alongside the Newlyn North Pier is…

JDC 369.tif
The Western Green in the foreground is the cleared site of Navy Inn homes demolished in 1939 (similar to JDC 365).
The square block house in the right bottom corner is the public air raid shelter created during WW2.
The large vessel in the harbour…

JDC 368.tif
From time to time, the dredger would visit Newlyn, operating inside the harbour and nearby. Dredged material was tipped into a barge alongside; when full, it was towed well down into Mount's Bay and dumped on shoal ground.
This is a Rare photo!

JDC 362.tif
One of the Stevenson & Sons 75 foot trawlers on the repair slip. A stone 'coaster' waiting in the bay. Gill nets drying on the railings at the roadside, Fore Street, Newlyn.

JDC 360.tif
The steelwork 'gantry' is being installed to transport the Penlee Quary stone from the 'Bins' to the ships side (conveyor system). This replace the narrow gauge railway in use from about 1902. In far left corner is the slipway for repairing fishing…
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