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JDC 420.tif
Location is thought to be Gwavas Quay near the Fradgan, overlooking Newlyn Harbour. Possible South Pier in the distance which was built in 1885. Note: Gwavas Quay was one of the early vantage points before the building of the North and South Piers…

JDC 414.tif
Similar to JDC 413, looking in the opposite direction, ie, down the harbour to the South Pier in the distance. About half tide. Mount's Bay luggers alongside the North Pier. Early fish agents had their wooden sheds on the North Pier.

JDC 413.tif
About half tide. Fish hawkers or jousters with donkey carts, etc, on the beach to receive fish landings from small boats. The crowd behind possibly attending fish sales. The level area was sometimes referred to as the Mackeral Market of Trowl Market.

JDC 411.tif
Before the harbour offices were built. Punts landing fish catches. Horse and donkey carts of the fish hawkers waiting to ferry away the catch. Merchant's boxes and baskets stacked on the North Pier. You can just see the stern of a punt with the name…

JDC 410.tif
Looking towards the harbour road and fish market. A mixture of fishing vessels, some visitors from Fowey and St Ives judging by the registration numbers FY32 and SS84.

JDC 408.tif
In the foreground is a group of small boats, ie, punts, and one sailing lugger. All these boats are in the old harbour.
In the centre top is a large group of Mount's Bay sailing luggers, all taking advantage of the new larger harbour, built between…

JDC 406.tif
Opposite the steps if the 'Lookout' building called the Custom House. You can see the long sheds of the fish market in the distance. Behind the fish market is the lower part of Newlyn known as Street-an-Nowan.
We appear to be in the era of motor and…

JDC 405.tif
The view is across to Street-an-Nowan to the fish market, the harbour offices and the Tolcarne behind. The end of the Old (Medieval) Pier can be seen in the bottom right.

JDC 404.tif
Wherry Town and Penzance seen in the background, before the North and South Piers were built.

JDC 403.tif
The view is across to the Tolcarne and the new North Pier.
Both the North and South Piers have been built, but no harbour road yet exists. Several tall sailing ships in view.

JDC 402.tif
This picture is before the North and South Piers were built in Newlyn Harbout.
The tide would go out much further than this shows. Fishing vessels have to anchor off in the Gwavas Lake. Catches have to be carried ashore in small punts - as seen.…

JDC 401.tif
The tide is low and there is a large, tall schooner alongside the pier. The caption on the photo is wrong; it should read Street-an-Nowan.

JDC 396.tif
Foreground right is the end of the Old Pier in Newlyn. View is across to the new harbour road built in 1908, joining two parts of the village which became known as 'Uplong and Downlong'. They have just started building up the new walls supporting…

JDC 395.tif
Mounts Bay luggers aground in the Old Harbour. Many more at anchor in Gwavas Lake, in pre 1885 time, before the North and South Piers were built.
Registration numbers on vessels had the numbers listed first, followed by the PZ descriptor; this…

JDC 390.tif
Both harbour walls are existing which indicates the date is at least 1895 but before 1905 when the harbour road was built. The harbour is full of sailing vessels.
Top, small white building, top central is Penzer House. The large row below, top…

JDC 388.tif
Several old luggers aground. One has a pile of gill nets on the deck. Note the early method of boat registration numbers, ie, numbers then letters compared to the current method of letters then numbers. Note also the very rocky foreground in the…

JDC 387.tif
View from the Green, Newlyn Town, across the harbour to Street-an-Nowan and the Tolcarne.

JDC 386.tif
View south of Newlyn village across the harbour to the Tolcarne and beyond. Both harbour walls now built, but no harbour road yet connecting the two parts of the village.

JDC 385.tif
Looking towards the Old (Medieval) Pier and the completed piers to Street-an-Nowan and Tolcarne. The Elizabeth and Blanch lifeboat is in the foreground and was stationed here from 1909-1913. Harbour has been constructed (1908).
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