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JDC 342.tif
The site of the later fish market, looking across to Newlyn town before the harbour road was built in 1908. Building on the right was the Norway Ice store before the later, much bigger Iceworks built on the same site in 1907.
Ice was originally…

FISH 12HF 051.tif
A tin bath and fish basket can also be seen.

FISH 9.001.tif
St Ives fish market on the harbour. Baskets of fish pictured.

FISH 8.013.tif
Fisherman with giant mackerel. Also pictured in FISH8.012

FISH 8.012.tif
Fisherman with giant mackerel. Also pictured in FISH8.013.

Modern (1980) coloured post-card of the Seamens Mission Newlyn and war memorial. 1980..

Group of Fishermen with winding gear.


Fishing nets opposite the salt store on the wharf now Mousehole harbour car park (O N 5).
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