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North and South piers have been built, tall ships are alongside piers before motors introduced. Houses in the foreground were demolished c 1939 under the Clearance Scheme. Replacement flats built in 1953/54. No houses built on the new road area.…

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In the foreground is the cleared site of the houses of the Navy Inn, demolished in 1939 that inspired the petition to Westminster in October 1937. Well documented. Building of the new Navy Inn flats started around 1953. Many people who previously…

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Similar to JDC 346.
An amazing number of tall sailing vessels moored. Fish hawkers or 'jousters' waiting on the beach. About half tide.

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The buildings are still there but the left hand building is the Norway Ice Store, and has since been built This view would now be totally obscured by the Newlyn Fish Market and later still by construction all around the Mary Williams Pier…

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The new harbour road built in 1908 will extend from left to right from the bottom of Newlyn Slip to below Newlyn Town (out of picture) to the Norway Ice store building, far left. Just above the Ice Store building is the Newlyn Trinity Methodist…

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The view is looking forward along the route of the later harbour road (built 1908). The tall building to the right is still there and the building central left is the Norway Ice Store (aka the Old Ice Store) and the entrance to the Fradgan right.

View at full tide

View of the harour and town

Tall ships in the harbour

Harbour and village with the central Railway Pier.
With a hand written message in pencil to the reverse of the postcard to a recipient in Wembley, Middlesex
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