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SCAPE 17HF 017.tif
Badly heat-damaged neg. Neg 018 missing

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ACTS 9.002.tif
Damage on Penzance promenade after Ash Wednesday storm of March 1962.

ARTS 8.017.tif
A Victorian youngster proudly presents his home-made model of a Mount's Bay lugger (a Cornish fishing boat of the period), as some of the same rig can be seen in the background.

COMM 8.019.tif
The Hong Kong/Guam section of SEACOM was laid during September and October of 1965. Assisted by Cable & Wireless Ltd, repair ship Cable Enterprise Mercury completed the lay into Guam on 22 October 1965. This photograph shows a repeater entering the…

COMM 4.006.tif
The shore-end of a cable being landed at Porthcurno (Cable & Wireless), shown with line of men digging trench on shore.

COMM 4.004.tif
Shore-end of a cable being floated in on drums at Cable & Wireless in Porthcurno. Ship in the distance and three men on the shore, two of whom are digging.

COMM 6.002.tif
This photograph shows submarine telephone cable (shore end) on the seabed off Bermuda, part of the Canberra Project.

ARTS 8.013.tif
Photo reproduction of a painting of the steam and sail yacht Lillie Western.

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SHIP 4.024.tif
A wooden launch on Marazion Beach.

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SCAPE 9.023.tif
A photograph showing cliffs and sea at Cligga.

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BUILD 9.006.tif
Wolf Rock Lighthouse, showing the effect of storm waves on the 100-foot tower.

Soon after this photograph was taken, during the week ending 28 February 1974, six plates from…

BUILD 9.005.tif
Wolf Rock Lighthouse with its helicopter platform.

BUILD 9.004.tif
Longships Lighthouse. Taken in 1975, showing the recently-built helicopter pad over the lantern-room. The tower (110 feet high) was built in 1970 at a cost of £43,000.

BUILD 9.003.tif
Bishop Rock Lighthouse. A general view on a moderately fine day. The crew are assembled on the lower deck with winch gear ready, awaiting the arrival of the relief boat from the Scilly Islands.

BUILD 8.029.tif
The first helicopter to land on the new landing pad of the Bishop Rock Lighthouse on the Isles of Scilly (August 1976).

BUILD 8.027.tif
Photo of Trevose Head Lighthouse from a distance with sea in the foreground.

ARTS 8.006.tif
Penzance Lifebuoy Series. Inset shows Fountain in Morrab Gardens.

This type of card with its many variations was the forerunner of the more usual traditional 'comic' seaside card. It was produced and sold at most seaside resorts during the first…

MIN 8.019.tif
In 1865, the Crowns mining complex was visited by the Prince and Princess of Wales (the future Edward VII and Queen Alexandra). These cliffside shafts were thereafter known as The Crowns. Holmans St Just supplied most machinery to them in their…

BUILD 8.008.tif
Richards Photograph. Penzance. St Michael's Mount is a historic tidal castle which dominates Mount's Bay. It is thought to have been part of the mainland and thus named as the Breton counterpart Mont St Michel. Dating from earliest history, events…

BUILD 8.007.tif
Richards Photograph of St Michael's Mount with the tide out, seen from Marazion. Duplicate of BUILD 8.006.
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