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A group of workmen at work pre-assembling the top of the Eddystone Rock Lighthouse.

BUILD 6.010.tif
A rare 1882 photo of the fog bell being hosted onto Douglas Tower. In the background is Smeaton's Tower, which was later dismantled and the top part re-erected on Plymouth Hoe.

BUILD 9.006.tif
Wolf Rock Lighthouse, showing the effect of storm waves on the 100-foot tower.

Soon after this photograph was taken, during the week ending 28 February 1974, six plates from…

BUILD 8.032.tif
Engineers from the firm of Messrs Blight & White of Plymouth constructing the new helicopter landing platform at Bishop Rock Lighthouse (on the Isles of Scilly) in July, 1976.


BUILD 9.005.tif
Wolf Rock Lighthouse with its helicopter platform.

BUILD 9.004.tif
Longships Lighthouse. Taken in 1975, showing the recently-built helicopter pad over the lantern-room. The tower (110 feet high) was built in 1970 at a cost of £43,000.

BUILD 9.003.tif
Bishop Rock Lighthouse. A general view on a moderately fine day. The crew are assembled on the lower deck with winch gear ready, awaiting the arrival of the relief boat from the Scilly Islands.

BUILD 8.031.tif
Tater Du Lighthouse. One of Britain's newest lighthouses, opened by HRH the Duke of Gloucester in July 1965. Situated between Penzance and Land's End, it's 300,000 cp light and 72-speaker foghorn are remotely operated by The Trinity House Depot at…

BUILD 8.030.tif
Engineers from the firm of Messrs Blight & White of Plymouth constructing the new helicopter landing platform at Bishop Rock Lighthouse (on the Isles of Scilly) in July, 1976.


BUILD 8.029.tif
The first helicopter to land on the new landing pad of the Bishop Rock Lighthouse on the Isles of Scilly (August 1976).

BUILD 8.028.tif
Longships Lighthouse before the addition of the helicopter pad.

BUILD 8.027.tif
Photo of Trevose Head Lighthouse from a distance with sea in the foreground.

BUILD 8.026.tif
Eddystone Lighthouse. Photo taken in 1882 showing ladders, etc. still in position on the newly-completed Douglass Tower on the Eddystone reef. Semitone's tower, soon to be partly dismantled and rebuilt on Plymouth Hoe, is seen on the adjoining rocks.…

BUILD 8.025.tif
Wolf Rock Lighthouse (possibly) before the addition of the heli-pad

BUILD 6.009.tif
A rare 1882 photograph showing the present Douglas Tower having its fog bell hoisted in position while workmen complete the lantern-room above. Smeaton's Tower in background was later dismantled and the top half was re-erected on Plymouth Hoe where…

BUILD 8.023.tif
Lizard Lighthouse. Originally two lights replaced by 12 million cp with 3sec flash

BUILD 8.022.tif
Waves breaking over Wolf Rock Lighthouse. Because of its exposed position and the actual rock only being sufficientlye exposed at high tide, this tower took almost 10 years to complete. It first shone out nine miles from the Land's End in January…

BUILD 8.021.tif
Pendeen Watch. Built by Redruth builder Arthur Carkeek, it first projected its powerful beam over the dangerous outcrops of the north coast in 1900. Originally oil-burning, it was converted to electricity in 1926.

BUILD 8.020.tif
Godrevy Lighthouse. Build on a small island in St Ives Bay in 1857-59. The first beacon was lit in March of 1859. The red--white flash is visible over a range of 17 miles. Staff was withdrawn from the lighthouse on 7 August 1934 when it was converted…

BUILD 8.019.tif
Bishop Rock Lighthouse. 167-feet tall. Built 1887. Principal keeper "Andy" Bluer coming down in the 'bight' (being lowered on a rope) at the final relief by this method before the opening of the heli-pad service. He was being lowered into Mr G.P.…
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