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BUILD 6.010.tif
A rare 1882 photo of the fog bell being hosted onto Douglas Tower. In the background is Smeaton's Tower, which was later dismantled and the top part re-erected on Plymouth Hoe.

BUILD 8.026.tif
Eddystone Lighthouse. Photo taken in 1882 showing ladders, etc. still in position on the newly-completed Douglass Tower on the Eddystone reef. Semitone's tower, soon to be partly dismantled and rebuilt on Plymouth Hoe, is seen on the adjoining rocks.…

BUILD 6.009.tif
A rare 1882 photograph showing the present Douglas Tower having its fog bell hoisted in position while workmen complete the lantern-room above. Smeaton's Tower in background was later dismantled and the top half was re-erected on Plymouth Hoe where…
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