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COMM 8.033.tif
Engineers from the Plymouth Area THQ Marine Branch landing a shore-end at Porthcurno (Cornwall) from the cable ship Monarch.

COMM 8.029.tif
Survey operations in the Mediterranean for Mat 1 telephone cable project. The ship was on charter to Italcable for the work.
The picture shows TV screen showing the sled full of weed on ocean bed.

COMM 8.027.tif
During the second week in May, CS Recorder (3,349 tons) laid shore-ends at Jesselton of the Jesselton - Singapore section of the South East Asia Commonwealth telephone cable (SEACOM).
This picture shows: passing the Jesselton-Singapore shore end…

COMM 8.026.tif
SEACOM 2 Shore and operation at Deep Water Bay, Hong Kong.
This picture shows the end of the trench showing the entry into the manhole. One cable already fitted with articulated piping. Ships crew left-right: Honorio Perez and Angel Chapelo.

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COMM 8.025.tif
C.S Retriver (4,000 tons) laid the shoe-end section of the Auckland/Sydney and Auckland/Suva sections of the Commonwealth Pacific Cable, which stretches from Vancouver in Canada to Sydney in Australia via Suva and Auckland in NZ.
This picture shows…

SHIP 25CF 168.tif
This photo shows a repeater bypassing the cable laying out gear prior to being laid from CS Mercury.

COMM 8.020.tif
This diagram shows a sectioned specimen of deep-sea, light-weight coaxial cable of the kind likely to be used by Cable & Wireless Ltd. and the Canadian Overseas Telecommunication Corporation in the Anglo-Canadian Telephone Cable in 1961.

The same…

COMM 8.017.tif
During April 1965, C.S. Stanley Angwin (2,500-ton gross) surveyed the route for the Tortola-Bermuda telephone cable which will provide the northern outlet for the 21-million W.I. dollar project in the Eastern Caribbean to improve inter-island and…

COMM 8.015.tif
A Cable & Wireless repeater stack on board ship.

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COMM 8.010.tif
Spectators on the cliffs watching Cable & Wireless preparations for the cable landing on Porthcurno Beach. Bulldozers are pictured on the beach.

COMM 4.006.tif
The shore-end of a cable being landed at Porthcurno (Cable & Wireless), shown with line of men digging trench on shore.

COMM 4.004.tif
Shore-end of a cable being floated in on drums at Cable & Wireless in Porthcurno. Ship in the distance and three men on the shore, two of whom are digging.

COMM 8.006.tif
A sea plow designed by Bell Telephone Laboratories to bury the underwater telephone cable below the ocean floor is lifted from the sea by a crane aboard the John Cabot, a Canadian cable repair ship and icebreaker. The plow was used by the American…

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COMM 8.005.tif
Engineers from the Plymouth Area and Post Office's THQ Marine Branch landing the shore-end from HMTS Monarch (CS, if preferred) on Porthcurno Beach on 2 October 1979.

COMM 6.002.tif
This photograph shows submarine telephone cable (shore end) on the seabed off Bermuda, part of the Canberra Project.
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