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The end wall with plaster exposed shows the Cob construction. Cob is a natural building material made from sub soil, water, fibrous organic material and sometimes lime

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Vine Cottage, Boase Street, Newlyn, with hand written message to the reverse to a recipient in New Malden, Surrey. The image to the obverse of this postcard is identical to BUILD.PC.047


Vine Cottage, Boase Street, Newlyn. (unwritten reverse. )The image on the obverse of this postcard is identical to BUILD.PC.O46


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Penwithers Viaduct. The first viaduct after leaving Truro on the Falmouth branch. This structure was 'filled in' to make an embankment in 1926. Depicts a steam train on the bridge with a cottage in the foreground and four men with a car. (Opie 636)

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Whistle Cottage, St Levan. Properly named Mount Whistle, situated near St Buryan Bottoms but in the parish of St Levan and on the periphery of the farm holding of Trengothal (St Aubyn Estates, Ltd). Photo taken in 1960. There has since been an…

Old thatched Cottage, woman in doorway.
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