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TRANS 6.171.tif
Restored GWR King George V by Bulmer Cyder Co Hereford

TRANS 9.029.tif
Water Tower Signal Box & Engine Shed

TRANS 8.150.tif
Truro marshalling area. Turntable, Water & Coal Loading Tower all demolished in early 1960s

TRANS 8.149.tif
One of the last Goods Trains on this Newham Quay spur. The Track was lifted soon after photo was taken. Locomotive fitted with a spark arrestor.

TRANS 8.137.tif
PREVREF 1551 & 1552 duplicate photos. German-built by Arthur Koppel of Berlin which handled all roadstone products for export between 1904 and 1941

TRANS 8.136.tif
It was said that the driver turned his hat round when train in reverse. PREVREF 1549 duplicate copy

TRANS 6.128.tif
Loco Penlee built by Orenstein & Keppel of Berlin

TRANS 6.125.tif
Preserved in Science Museum Birmingham
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