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BUILD 8.041.tif
Long Rock (Penzance) railway sheds from the A30 trunk road (London to Land's End) which runs nearby. Photo by Trevor Tremethick, 9 September 1974.

BUILD 8.040.tif
A general view of the interior of Swindon Works.

BUILD 8.038.tif
Men looking at a crankshaft on a 1980 visit to Swindon Works.

BUILD 8.037.tif
Swindon rail works with a man and woman sitting in front of a steam engine.

BUILD 8.036.tif
A diesel engine at Swindon railway works. 1980.

HARB 8.003.tif
Richards Photograph. The Ross Bridge at Wharf Road was placed in position 1881; it was second-hand railway turntable. The bridge was replaced on 9 Apr 1981. This photo shows a full rigged ship in the harbour, a steam roller and a horse and cart on…
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