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ARCHY 8.001.tif
Zennor coastline with man working on religious stone

ARTS 9.006.tif
Photo of engraving titled 'Landing the cable at Porthcurnew [sic] Bay'.

From Illustrated London News 25/6/1870

ARTS 8.010.tif
Photo reproduction of print sold at Sothebys in 1979. Part of Estate of Earl Beauchamp.

Clipping from The Westcountryman (19/5/1979):
"This 19th century print, part of a collection of railway prints being sold at Sotheby's next Friday, by order…

MIN 6.002.tif
An early photograph of Levant Mine before the 1899 construction of Pendeen Lighthouse.

Gunwalloe cove & Church.Cornwall


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