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Comic postcard sent to a recipient in St James Street Penzance from a soldier waiting for discharge in May 1919. Of interest is the Army Censors Stamp with the message to the reverse of the postcard

Parade of the 4th Battalion DCLI, behind a local band down Market Jew Street, Penzance. With a written message and date 11th August 1914 in ink to the reverse

A group photograph of six Privates of the 4th (Territorial) Battalion DCLI in camp, location unknown. Their unit can be indentified by the legend on the box that one of the soldiers is sat on

A good study of a private of the DCLI in 1914 Service uniform with swagger stick stood in front of a Bell tent, location unknown

Penzance County School for Boys Form V Spring 1912
Seated: E.A. Roberts, L.J. Richards, A. G. Harrison, Mr. H.E. Richardson, D. Tregenza, W.A. Jenkins, F. Rodda In front: E. Taylor

BUILD 7OF 406A.tif
Torrey Canyon helpers were accommodated in the Fishermen's Mission.

Penzance County School for Boys Form IV Spring 1912
Back row: Bolitho, Ferris, J. Roberts, R.V. Care, Clift, Beale, Glanville
Middle row: Oats, James, Strick, Birch, Crocker, Farmer, Pengelly, Reseigh, Trudgeon
Front row: Thomas, Cara, Nisbet, Mr.…

Penzance County School for Boys Form P.T. Spring 1911
Standing: W.H. Roach, W.P. Simons, E.J. Leggo, W.J. Hichens
Seated: P. Berryman, Mr. Richardson, R.H. Coombe

Penzance County School for Boys FormV Spring 1911
Back row: E. Badcock, N. Richards, A.B.C. Piper, P.W. Richards, P. Berryman, J.A. Derry
Front row: W.H. Roach, M. White, J.E. Ellis, Mr. H.E. Richardson, M. Leggo, R.H. Coombe, Symons
In front:…

Penzance County School for Boys Form II Spring 1911
P.J. Pitts, H.V. Hiscox, J. MacFadyean, W.B. Matthews, J. Laity, W. Pearce, J.T. Denley, C.H. Richards
Middle row: S. Thomas, T. Richards, G.F. Pitts, A. Manners, S. Penberthy, J. Adson, S.…

Penzance County School for Boys Form 1 Spring 1911
Back row: L.O. Hall, H. Simpson, W.C. Martin, W.S. Michell, W.J. Porter, D.A.A. Johns
Middle row: L.H. Hall, L.G. Stephens, W.C. Tregarten, V. Humphrey, J. Payne, T. Deans
Front row: T.W. Hebbard,…

Penzance County School for Boys for Boys Form IIIa Spring 1911
Back row: J. Simons, C.L. Hodder, R. Williams, R.L. Cara, T.D. Roberts, L.S. Tanner, F.W. Rodda
Middle row: R. Roberts, N. Glanville. W. G. Boaden, H. Cara, W. Andrew, F. G. Treglown,…
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