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written with the negs by Serena Wadham:
'Pat,Paul,Richard,Michael at Joe Tilson's.'

Two women apparently working on textiles together

A young woman (Emma Cenn?) and child sit on the steps of an old cottage in St Ives. Teetotal Street St Ives

Images on the beach St Ives Cornwall. National Surf Competition 1963

Geevor Tin Mine Pendeen Medium format film scan

Children playing at the top of the drive, men leaving work

Typed caption reads: [Referring to 369.Ni] 'According to Drs John Bates and P.M. Bentler from Los Angeles, the boys in the picture above are playing a scale 2-type masculine non-athletic game. Their parents have no need to worry about them becoming…

Typed caption reads:
'Sugar and spice and all things nice that's what little girls are made of'

Written on the back of the print by Serena Wadham:
'Woman with children Islington'
also written by unknown:
'Donna con bambino, Islington Londre'

On the back of the print written by Serena Wadham: 'Popham Street, Queens Cottages'

The graffiti reads:
'Put the mental idiot married women and girls on the dance floor so we can f**k them free as we dance or give them a lift and bump them off'

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