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Morrab Library Photographic Archive


The rapid spread of television during the sixties and -partly as a result- increasingly flamboyant dress and behavour on the part of young people, as well as the influence of protest politics abroad, especially the USA, transformes the rather grey and uniform Fifties scence into something richer, stranger and visually more exciting.  (Even smog was on the retreat).  New protest movements, by feminists, gay people, CND activists, radical students, housing campaigners, and many others, courted media attention with flamboyant behaviour, costumes and many stunts.  Sometimes over-reaction by the police or deliberate provocation by extremists produced telegenic violence.  Especially for young or youngish photographers with energy and nerve it was a fruitful time, and Serena Wadham -who turned 40 in 1970- recorded countless squats, sit-ins, demonstrations and peace marches in and around London.