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A poster of a young Paul Newman hangs on a beam.

From Serena Wadham's 'changing roles of women' project.

Written on the back of the print by Serena Wadham
'Vivian Young apprentice aircraft engineer'
Part of the documentation of the changing roles of women.

Written on the back by Serena Wadham
'Mrs Pauline Doyle drives a taxi'.
Part of Serena's 'changing role of women' series.

Title written on the back of the print by Serena Wadham in English, and in another hand the title written in French.

"Mrs Watson loves driving her coach. She drives from Addlestone to Stevenage every day. The 70 miles take 3½ hours, and she has 15 minutes to check the money. Her husband drives a bus".

Mrs Pat Hanlon at her shop where she sells and repairs bicycles.

Written by Serena Wadham on reverse of print:
"Dr Young of the Thames Water Authority steering their scientific pollution control vessel, "Thames Water'. She is a biologist."
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