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ZWM 145.tif
Charles Jelbert of Zennor, working on the 230 foot fathom level at Levant in 1970, finds an old tram left after the man - engine disaster Oct 1919


ZWM 144.tif
Carn Galva Mine - Bosigran


ZWM 143.tif
Tram Tools General Display


MIN 4.037.tif
Engine houses smoking, unidentified mine.

MIN 4.036.tif
Engine houses smoking, unidentified mine, seen across field.

MIN 4.035.tif
Engine house smoking, unidentified mine, with cars in front.

MIN 4.034.tif
Engine houses smoking, unidentified mine.

MIN 4.030.tif
Wheal Prosper engine house, Rinsey, in April 1978

MIN 4.027.tif
Two ruined engine houses with chimneys smoking.

MIN 6.007.tif
In the 19th century, large quantities of arsenic were refined and exported to the Americas for use against the boll weevil which was then threatening to destroy American cotton crops. After heat treatment, the arsenic was ground in a mill similar…

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MIN 6.006.tif
Miners at Wheal Veor (Wheal Vor) Mine, wearing gear and helmets with acetylene lamps.

MIN 6.004.tif
The ruins of Levant Mine, showing Headgear engine house.

MIN 6.003.tif
Men surveying on the surface at Levant Mine, with a theodolite.

MIN 6.002.tif
An early photograph of Levant Mine before the 1899 construction of Pendeen Lighthouse.

MIN 6.001.tif
Levant, hand drilling below the sea. Four men pictured with tools.

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Copy of a post card of Perranuthnoe Village viewed from Trebarvah
showing Wheal Charlotte Mine top right


Pump Collar, Wherry Mine , Wherrytown beach low tide, Penzance


Print showing Wherrytown Mine Pump column, on the sea shore at low tide, from the Promenade, Penzance


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