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Possibly the Aberdeen Full-rigger Cromdale, wrecked on Bass Point, Lizard, on 23 May 1913

The MV Alacrity was owned by the Everard Company, she was savaged in situ after becoming a total right off

The upturned hull of the Union Star, on the rocks near Tater Dhu, wrecked 19-12-1981 with a loss of all hands, plus the crew of the Penlee lifeboat who perished during the gallant rescue attempt

The wreck of the steamer the SS Taycraig off the Gear Rock, Penzance, with the tower of St. Mary's Church in the background

The area known as ''Valhalla'' on Tresco featuring the collection of Ship's figureheads and ornamental timbers on display there which were salved from various shipwrecks

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The crew of Wendur (a barque) which struck Seven Stones. The Glasgow sailing vessel struck the southern most rock of the Seven Stones Reef while carrying grain from Plymouth, Devon. Three of the 21 crew lost their lives. The formal inquiry, held in…

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Cargo of marble was saved by hoist-gear to the clifftop


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