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King William IV pub in Madron.

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The Pirate Inn on Alverton Road, a Courage house with newly-painted sign showing the traditional tough-looking 'Pirate' just ashore from the moored vessel in the background.

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The 'First and Last' Refreshment House in England (at Land's End). Pictured with two men outside, one entering.

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Logan Rock Inn at Treen, St Levan, pictured about 1900. This is copied from an unnumbered Argall postcard without date or any form of endorsement. Note the advert for Allsop's Lager which is interesting in these days when lager is the 'in' drink and…

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The Keigwin Arms, which was originally a manor house of the Keigwin family. Jenkin Keigwin was reputably killed at entrance by invading Spanish troops during the 1595 invasion.
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