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SCAPE 9.027A.tif
SCAPE 9.027 IS A POOR PHOTOCOPY SCAPE 9.027A IS FROM A NEGATIVE COPY Fishing boats on the slip at Sennen, featuring a thatched cottage, the lifeboat house, Sennen Cove Hotel and the Round House.

BUILD 8.054.tif
Unidentified hotel with car and woman outside.

BUILD 8.033.tif
The Paris Hotel in Coverack. In May 1899, the New York registered 10,000-ton liner Paris went aground at Lowland Point, Coverack in May 1899. This hotel (the Devenish House) in the village carries the ships name.

SEE SHIP 9.009

Western Hotel ,Clarence Street, Penzance.
Taken from " Mates Illustrated Penzance.
(Corporation Official Guide)


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