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HARB 14WG 003.tif
Marazion from St. Michael's Mount, showing the Mount harbour, and cottages.


FISH 9.001.tif
St Ives fish market on the harbour. Baskets of fish pictured.

SCAPE 9.025.tif
Warehouses and the bell tower, seen from the foot of Abbey Slip in Penzance.



FISH 8.009.tif
PZ123 Mayon Castle and crew in Newlyn.


FISH 8.006.tif
Lowestoft boats moored at Newlyn in the 1930s. Steam drifters, they could be seen from Cornwall's southern cliffs as a long string of sparkling lights on the horizon when they fished the pilchard harvest from late August into October.

HARB 8.020.tif
Charlestown Harbour with ships and clay chute.

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HARB 8.018.tif
The Pentewan Railway. The harbour terminus pictured at the turn of the 20th century. Note on the extreme right the china clay loading chutes which were lowered into the holds of the waiting ships. horse-drawn wagon fro the 'dries' north and west of…

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FISH 4.001.tif
A fishing craft at low tide in Mousehole.

FISH 8.004.tif
A long liner pilchard driver (PZ 123 Mayon Castle) in Newlyn.


HARB 8.017.tif
Repairs to the north wall of Penzance floating dock.

HARB 8.015.tif
The start of work on Mary Williams Pier in Newlyn.

HARB 8.014.tif
Construction of the ship heave-up slip at Newlyn, with houses in the background.

HARB 8.013.tif
Newlyn Harbour's South Pier with stone boat and conveyor loader.

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HARB 8.011.tif
Penzance Harbour north pier repairs. A photo showing the preliminary work toward the £37,000 harbour facelift.

HARB 8.010.tif
Newlyn's heave up slip under construction.

HARB 8.009.tif
Penzance floating dock. A general view with the gates open. The cabin cruisers are typical of the summer traffic using the harbour facilities. Commercial traffic is now mostly confined to coal and ships under repair by Holman's ship repair yards.

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HARB 8.008.tif
With part of Newlyn's vast trawler fleet in the background, one of Messrs Barriball's machines starts work on Newlyn harbour expansion programme at Mary Williams pier (which officially opened in 1980).

HARB 8.007.tif
The eastern end of Penzance harbour showing (centre) the Ross Bridge with the inner basin and Holman's repair yard in the foreground. Part of the harbour was reclaimed for car parking about 1960. This is a winter photograph - both the car park and…

HARB 8.006.tif
Harbour with Mousehole in the background, showing boats at low tide. (150 PZ)

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HARB 8.005.tif
Ships in Penzance floating dock.
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