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JDC 028.tif
200x130mm. Looking up Trewarveneth Street, small children.

JDC 027.tif
175x130mm. Looking up Trewarveneth Street. Building to the left was later converted into Stephens baking Shop

JDC 026.tif
185x135mm. Bottom of Church Street. Fisherman's rest seat

JDC 025.tif
155x100mm. Children in Street, looking upwards

JDC 024.tif
110x80mm Gwavas Road leading to Paul Village. Same image as JDC 022

JDC 023.tif
170x120mm. Mann's Cottage on Gwavas road, Newlyn. The last thatched cottage in Newlyn. Burnt down in 1938

JDC 022.tif
175x125mm. Gwavas Road leading to Paul Village. To the right , cottages were demolished to build Newlyn Centenary Methodist Church

JDC 021.tif
175x120mm. Gwavas Road, Mann's thatched cottage. Road at right to St Peter's Hill, up hill to Gwavas and on to Paul Village.

JDC 020.tif
205x135mm Gwavas Road area to the left- site of Centenary Methodist Church. To the right is Mann's cottage, which burnt down in 1937. Centre, junction of Trewarveneth Street.

JDC 019.tif
200x135mm. View of cottage adjoining Myrtle Cottage

JDC 018.tif
140x90mm. The Green, Newlyn. Green Rocks and South Pier

JDC 017.tif
180x105mm. Pilchard nets by pillar. Thatched cottage end of court.

JDC 016.tif
200x125mm. Pilchard nets by pillar. Thatched cottage at end of court

JDC 015.tif
200x125mm. Overlooking the old pier. Many people around.

JDC 014.tif
125x100mm. Close up of cottages awaiting demolition. Clearance scheme 1939

JDC 013.tif
Demolished under clearance scheme 1939

JDC 012.tif
125x100mm. Grace Strick's cottage and shop

JDC 011.tif
180x110mm. South End, road narrows. Jacka's cottage to the left. Nets drying on railings

JDC 010.tif
110x65mm. Entrance to South Pier

JDC 009.tif
110x65mm. Entrance to South Pier and Green Rocks. View across to the Mount
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