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TRANS 8.235.tif
40 Ton Granite Block transported from Penryn Quarry to Winchester for carving into Monolith for King Alfred Milenary

FARM 9.001.tif
Traction engine and drive belt with haystacks.

TRANS 8.141.tif
Engine crashed through wall & plunged into river

ENT 4.050.tif
An Anderton & Rowland Gladiator Engine in Mowla (Redruth).

ENT 4.039.tif
Henry Jones's Burreell no 2759, the 'King George VI', with dynamo.

ENT 6.015.tif
First outing of Burrell traction engine Gladiator after rebuild by Goodwin & Friends. No roof fitted.

ENT 6.014.tif
Anderton & Rowland's traction engine 'Earl Berry', Jungle Speedway.

ENT 6.013.tif
Burrell 8 hp engine, built in 1922, with dynamo. This is a better photo of engine than the one in ENT6.012

ENT 6.012.tif
Burrell 8 pm engine built in 1922, with dynamo. ENT6.013 is a better photo of the same engine.

ENT 6.010.tif
Anderton & Rowland's Golden Dragon traction engine.

ENT 6.009.tif
Anderton & Rowland's Burrell 'Queen Mary' traction engine with dynamo. 'Supreme Dodgems'
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