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Studio portrait. The back is annotated Grandpa Hichens, died 1924, aged 59. He was the father of Edith Hitchens who married Richard James Chappell.. (There are different spellings of the surname Hitchens.)

Composite of 2 photos. The. crew members from left to right are: Bill Pender, Deryck Chappell, Maurice Hutchins, Eric Pengelly (Cox), Cyril Botterell, Philip Channon, and Eric Ellis

Richard James wearing a sailor suit, William in a dress.

Studio portrait. Brother of Richard James Chappell CF.018. Dressed in a dress, as was the fashion for little boys.

Studio portrait, dressed in a dress as was the fashion then for little boys. Brother of William Chappell . CF.019
Born 4 August 1868.

The back of the photo is annotated: Father of Mary Louisa Rowe, Grandfather of Richard James Chappell, Great-grandfather of Richard Joseph Chappell, Great-great-grandfather of Catherine and Julie Chappell

Mary Louisa Rowe married Richard James…

The man on the far left is Mr Rowe

The back of the photo is annotated Auntie Nellie and Uncle Frank

Posed photograph of Town Guard, some carrying rifles . It is annotated "K" Company - Section II, Lieut. S Johns, Cape.G. White'
The group possibly includes Richard James Chappell.

25 men sitting under awing which says: Plain ir Crean team ices, mineral waters. The small building in the background has the word Diary painted on it.

Mary Louisa, born 1886 in Zennor, married Richard James Chappell in 1901. The back of the photograph says Lanoweth but it is not known what this refers to.

Richard James Chappell as a boy, sitting on a horse, with a foal in the foreground, outside the family business laundry, on Jennings St, Penzance. Born 11.9.1902, died 12.9.1962.

Mary Louisa was born in 1886 and married Richard James Chappell in 1901 at St Just.

Edith was born in 1905 and married Richard Chappell in 1928

Service from Marazion to Penzance and Newlyn. Registration AF65.

black and white image of painted portrait

Wedding group photo at Trinity methodist chapel Newlyn

Joseph and Edith Hichens, parents of Willie and Tom Hichens, and of daughter also called Edith, who married Richard James Chappell 1928. Clifton Villa at the bottom of Paul Hill, Newlyn.
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