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Egg and Spoon race

Alfred Edward Julian was a photographer, bookseller, stationer and printer .
He had a studio at 5 Broad Street St Columb Major.
Born in 1855 he married Eliza Jane Hill in 1880 in Penzance.
During his career many photos exist of family portraits,…

Cottage with a mother sitting outside with a black and white cat at her feet.
Standing alongside are two daughters.

Cottage Interior with artefacts shown as per daily use.

Young Child posing holding a doll

Chin Clay spoil. The image shows a track with a winding gear at the top. A man can be seen and also a small building set into the clay.

Bedruthan Steps

Bedruthan Steps

Church Portal

Display case showing crockery - tea set.

Family Group showing mother with daughter, young son and elder son who is a member of the Salvation Army. He wears the hat and jumper of the organisation and holds a trumpet.

Three Ladies standing in a garden setting.


Man in Uniform. The crest on his hat shows an anchor and there is a star on his right sleeve. He was probably a seaman.

Mother sitting holding young child. Her elder daughter stands to her side with her hand on mother's shoulder.

The image shows a child holding a doll. She is standing on grass . Alongside is a two wheeled device ?

The image shows a young girl wearing a white dress holding the side of a pram. She wears a white ribbon in her hair , has silver bangles on her right arm and is bare foot.

Family Group showing a mother sitting with husband standing at the back.
Two sons and two daughters complete the image. The mother holds a white hat, the son sitting holds a boater. The two daughter wearing white dresses have brooches at the neck…

Workers of various ages standing together, two are sitting. The man on the right sitting, is holding a dog whist the man standing on the right has a dog at his feet. Another dog sits at the left of the image.

This image shows large sailing ship which appears to be aground. There are a large party of people on board who are in the process of disembarking. The ship is flying flags but the purpose of this is unknown.
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