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LPA 078.tif
On the inside back cover of the album there is a very faded photograph of trees. Written in the bottom right-hand corner is Completed 16 12 02 and the initials W.P.

LPA 077.tif
One of four loose photographs in this album. The photograph is printed on thin paper and shows an unidentified building . Written on the back of the photograph is the name Enzeli (subsequently renamed Bandar-e Anzali), a town lying on both sides…

LPA 076.tif
One of four loose photographs in this album. The photograph, which is printed on thin paper, shows an ornate two-storey building. Written on the back of the photograph is Shah's Palace, 10 miles from (illegible).
This could be the Sorkeh Hesar…

LPA 075.tif
One of four loose photographs in this album. The photograph is printed on thin paper and shows soldiers gathered on a large square. The back of the photo has Isfahan written on it. Isfahan is in Iran, formerly Persia.

LPA 074.tif
This is one of four loose photographs in the album. The photograph, which is printed on thin paper, shows an unidentified building with a group of people outside the entrance. On the back of the photo is written Isfahan. Isfahan is in Iran…

LPA 073.tif
A view of Hugh Town, St. Mary's, Isles of Scilly.
At the bottom of the photograph is the number 5178 and the initials J.V.

LPA 072.tif
Page with two photographs of Holmfirth, in West Yorkshire. The top view has fields in the foreground with the town behind and in the second, the buildings are in the foreground with fields rising in the background.

LPA 071.tif
Page of two photographs.
The top photograph shows the main Street in Bridport in Dorset showing the Town Hall at the end of the street.
The bottom photograph is of Rock Mill in Holmfirth, in West Yorkshire.

LPA 070.tif
A view of rural cottages in Lynton. Lynton is situated on the coast of Exmoor National Park in North Devon

LPA 069.tif
Photograph of boats moored in an inlet or estuary (possibly off Watergate Bay near Newquay?)

LPA 068.tif
View looking down the valley to the village of Porthgwarra

LPA 067.tif
Two photographs of Porthgwarra, a small village 3 miles south-east of Land's End . The top one, titled Porthgwarrah Cove shows the tunnel towards the left hand side of the photo. Note also the large basket on the sand.
The second photo is a view…

LPA 066.tif
Photograph of rocky headland at Sennen. Cape Cornwall is visible very faintly in the top right-hand corner of the photograph

LPA 065.tif
Top photograph is titled Faces in cliff near Tol-pedn-penwith. Second photo shows cliffs near Land's End.

LPA 064.tif
Two photographs of rock formations at Land's End.
The top photograph is of the Enys Dodnan Arch (although the arch is not obvious in this photo), with the Armed Knight in the background.
The bottom photograph is titled Mean Perrow (possibly Maen?) …

LPA 063.tif
Two photographs of Lamorna - the first looking east, with a good view of one of the houses at the cove and the second looking west, with a person sitting on a large rock in the foreground

LPA 062.tif
Two photographs of cliffs near Land's End

LPA 061.tif
Two photographs, the first of cliffs at Land's End.
The second photo is a view of St. Michael's Mount taken from the shore at Marion.

LPA 060.tif
Two photographs of the Mount. The top one shows the location of the Battery on the Mount and the second shows the Chevy Chase Room in the Castle. The room is named after the plaster frieze showing the amount medieval hunting raids along the England…

LPA 059.tif
Two photographs of St. Michael's Mount. The top photograph is a view of the Mount taken from Marazion and the second is a view taken on the Mount, looking up at the Castle.
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