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A note to Serena Wadham from Barbara Hepworth in 1964, concerning Serena's photographs. Barbara likes some of the images calling them 'Real' and others 'most unfortunate and should be suppressed'

A young woman (Emma Cenn?) and child sit on the steps of an old cottage in St Ives. Teetotal Street St Ives

Two unidentified musicians at the piano, from the same shoot as 108,157

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In the late 1960s and early 1970s some feminists involved in the Womens' Liberation Movement of that time, encouraged women take control of their bodies by learning to examine themselves using a speculum, a torch and a…

Serena photographed women, famous, at work and play and generally going about their business. These photographs are taken around the streets of Islington where Serena lived. A snapshot of the lives of women in the 1970s.

written on the back by Serena Wadham
'sent MEPL may '91"
This refers to the Mary Evans Picture Library

During a shoot about the cellist Amaryllis Fleming Serena also photographed Fleming's living room.

Mrs Pat Hanlon at her shop where she sells and repairs bicycles.

"Mrs Watson loves driving her coach. She drives from Addlestone to Stevenage every day. The 70 miles take 3½ hours, and she has 15 minutes to check the money. Her husband drives a bus".

written on the back of the print by Serena Wadham:
"Daisy Nolan Teleprinters P.O. factory in Islington"

Despite an early crash that prevented her becoming a professional musician, Serena Wadham was a lifelong motorcycling enthusiast and belonged to at least one women's biking organisation.
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