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A German Hamburg registration Tug, named FairPlay X Aground at Hayle on the sandbar

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The steam tug Cervia, pictured at the Albert Pier, Penzance, where she bunkered prior to departing for Liverpool. At the time, the Cervia was one of Britain's few remaining steam tugs. 1,000hp (233 tons gross).


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The preserved steam tug Portwey leaving Totnes for Darmouth on the inaugural river voyage of the newly-formed Dart Harbour and Navigation Authority in 1976.

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HMS Gladiator, which was sold to a Dutch firm for £15,000 in May of 1909. She was wrecked at Yarmouth in April 1908 and raised and taken to Portsmouth in October of the same year. She is seen here in the care of three tugs, one on each side and one…

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M.T. Lorna B, an addition to the fleet of tugs owned and operated by International Towing Ltd. MT Lorna B was a deep sea salvage and anchor handling vessel of 5,000 IHP and 450 GRT.

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