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View of the outer harbour

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The Solentbrook, W Longstaff & Co's 2,900 ton d.w. ship loading stone at newly from the then newly-installed conveyor which replaced the railway system.

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Marianne awaiting a roadstone cargo at the end of Penlee's conveyor at Newlyn pier.

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Scillonian I with bowline out at Lighthouse Pier

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Scillonian III alongside Albert Pier in Penzance

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The Scillonian off Albert Pier in Penzance

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HARB 8.017.tif
Repairs to the north wall of Penzance floating dock.

HARB 8.010.tif
Newlyn's heave up slip under construction.

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With part of Newlyn's vast trawler fleet in the background, one of Messrs Barriball's machines starts work on Newlyn harbour expansion programme at Mary Williams pier (which officially opened in 1980).
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