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COMM 8.036.tif
Typical telephone operator, circa 1900-1905. National Telephone Company.

COMM 8.035.tif
Women workers in telephone exchange (Holborn Manual Exchange)

COMM 8.034.tif
Women workers in telephone exchange during WWI (London Trunk Exchange)

COMM 6.010.tif
Porthcurno cable station (Cable & Wireless). View of cable chain relay equipment with commutation panels and test equipment. In the foreground, one 'wing' of the control console can be seen (bottom right) with FMVM panels in the centre rear. This…

COMM 6.009.tif
Richard Angove pictured at Porthcurno cable station (Cable & Wireless). This is a view of the cable chain control console. Teleprinters (Creed 75s), tape-readers and Creed Autos for monitoring purposes are centrally situated. Cable relay equipment is…

COMM 8.013.tif
Engineer Mr K.E. Finney adjusting the balance on Porgibthree (the No. 3 cable between Porthcurno and Gibraltar). The light reflected from the mirror on the fork coil records the duplex balance disturbance on the scale above.

COMM 8.012.tif
Richard Angove at the test bench at Cable & Wireless doing regular maintenance work (routining) on the synchroniser. Drive relays are shown behind two clock controls at the top left of the photograph. The bottom of the clock can be seen between them.

COMM 8.011.tif
Britains Ocean Telegraph Cables fan out into the Atlantic from the sandy beach of Porthcurno, a Cornish cove near Land's End. These cables, which are linked with the 155,000-mile network owned by Cable & Wireless Ltd., are operated from the company's…

COMM 4.005.tif
Staff (Richard Angove with Mr Elms and Mr Gibbens) in Cable & Wireless Control Room, Porthcurno

COMM 6.003.tif
A general view of the main cable relay equipment room at Porthcurno Cable Station, looking west and showing the control consul, monitoring teleprinters, etc. in the foreground.

COMM 4.003.tif
Richard Angove sitting at Supervisor's Desk at Cable & Wireless, Porthcurno, surrounded by equipment.

COMM 8.004.tif
An operator servicing the equipment at Cable & Wireless.
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