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ENT 6.026.tif
Built in 1921 by Messrs Thomas Walker of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire and erected at Crowlas 1982
(Penwith Pleasure Park opened in 1977 and closed around 1984.)


A note on this lantern slide reads "Tenman's Hole built over". The Dolphin Tavern can be seen in the background, and amongst the rides are Dooner's American High Flyers and H Smith's High Flyers.

PEOP 8.048.tif
Three men standing in front of Steven Rowland's Mini Waltzer, with one presenting a cheque to another.

ENT 4.056.tif
The Iron Maiden fairground engine. "Mighty in Strength and Endurance".

ENT 4.055.tif
Anderton & Rowland engine and fair organ in Mawla.

ENT 6.022.tif
Fair on Plymouth Hoe. (2 copies of same print)

ENT 6.021.tif
These were some of the largest machines ever seen in Britain up to that date. This example, pictured at Southport, was the largest permanent Fair Ride in Britain up to 1900. Holidaymakers rode in suspended car which swung out as the speed of the ride…

ENT 6.020.tif
Three men sitting on the edge of a roundabout, with 'The Magnificent Marenghi' truck in the background.

ENT 6.019.tif
Big Wheel and spectators at fairground.

ENT 8.042.tif
The High Flyer ride at fair. 'Mind You Hold Tight' and 'Ride of the Fair' signs depicted.

ENT 8.025.tif
Children's Big Wheel

ENT 8.024.tif
Tommy Opie's Austin Cars at Penzance Fair in 1978 . (Nigel Philby)

ENT 8.023.tif
A. Whitelegg / Charlie Bailey's juveniles (Dean Bailey, Richard Thomas)

ENT 8.022.tif
Children's Supercar Railroad roundabout

ENT 8.021.tif
Anderton & Rowland's Cyclone Twist at Summercourt Fair. (M. DeVey)

ENT 8.020.tif
Albert Martin's Hoopla at Penzance Fair in 1978, with David Rowland and Arthur James's Big Wheel. Hoopla signs read 'Score under 30 with 3 Separate Numbers to Win', 'One Win Any Prize', '20p' and 'Gold Plated Ingots Here'.

ENT 8.018.tif
John Hart pictured standing in front of Dave Rowland's Hoopla at Penzance Fair in 1978.

ENT 8.015.tif

CH Marenghi 1911 military band organ. "Playing the melodies of the masters".

ENT 8.014.tif
Duplicate of ENT8.015

CH Marenghi 1911 military band organ. "Playing the melodies of the masters".

ENT 6.016.tif
Anderton & Rowlands Burrell Gladiator, built in 1909. 'Veterans of the Fairground Tour'.
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