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TRANS 8.200.tif
Very overcrowded Bus used on Helston-Lizard run. Large advert for shops in Abergaveny: W. Bevan furnishing, ironmonger. Unreadable advert on side originally read: "Go to R.M. Williams for spectacles for all sights. Eye specialist and optician, Cross…

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TRANS 8.197.tif
Lamorna - St Buryan Run. Road subsidence at Lamorna near Land's End. TRANS6.147 duplicate.
Thornycroft A2 Duple-bodied 20 seater bus.

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TRANS 8.195.tif
Driver is the late Mr Reg Wilton. TRANS 6.141 duplicate

TRANS 8.192.tif
These Buses opened up many narrow road routes in Cornwall


TRANS 8.191.tif
Bus thought to have been painted Cream & Red

TRANS 8.189.tif
Leyland double decker, built on ex War Department (first war) chassis. Solid Tyres


TRANS 8.188.tif
AF84 20hp Milnes Daimler Bus on Helston - Lizard Run at Junction to Ruan Minor

TRANS 6.150.tif
Trips from Paddington Tuesday & Thursday 4s (one Dollar) Advert for EMU Australian Wine

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TRANS 6.147.tif
Lamorna St Buryan Run. Road Subsidence.

TRANS 6.145.tif
Milner-Daimler solid tired bus. Advert for Cadburys Cocoa in Shop Window

TRANS 6.143.tif
Tour to Mullion and the Lizard setting off from Falmouth station during Whitsun week in 1904. Heards Advert for Pianos & Organs


TRANS 6.142.tif
Supplied to the GWR on 17th August 1903 this Milnes-Daimler bus is pictured just before departure from Helston Station for Lizard. Advert for Players Navy Cut

TRANS 6.141.tif
Driver is the late Mr Reg Wilton. TRANS 8.195 duplicate

TRANS 6.140.tif
Conductor with Money Bag & Ticket Punch PREVREF 1813 duplicate see TRANS 8.173
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