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MUS 9.001.tif
St Agnes Brass Band


CUST 8.033.tif
Obby Oss band in Padstow.

CUST 8.011.tif
The Big Bass Drum of Helston Town Band pictured with Helston Mayor on Flora Day in 1982. Helston Town Band is divided into two sections and augmented for some of the big Dances when the numbers may tail back for a hundred yards or more.

CUST 8.009.tif
A Padstow street scene of the Obby Oss dance with bands and the May Pole, in 1982.

CUST 8.007.tif
An accordion band at 'Obby 'Oss in Padstow, 1982.

CUST 8.005.tif
The brass band 'The Band with the Curious Tone' returning to the Guildhall in Helston on Flora Day, 1982.
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