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Geoffrey Harvey Album , Cartes de Visites.


An album of 'Cartes de Visites' taken in the 1860s, representing a record of the Penzance middle and upper classes of this era.

Richards Collection

FISH 12WG 001.tif

The Richards Collection represents the work of one Penzance family of professional photographers over several generations - from the early 1850s until…

Angove Collection

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The Angove Collection consists of over 3000 photographic prints. Collected by Dick Angove (1917-1992), a prolific writer on all aspects of Cornish…

Newlyn Collection

STRT N 116.tif

The Newlyn Collection, collected and donated by Dr Eric Richards depicts many aspects of life and work in Newlyn between 1880 and 1930. Many of the…

Chown Collection

CHOWN QG 161.tif

The Chown Collection is a fascinating portrait of Edwardian family life in the village of Townshend. Beautiful composed photographs of horse-drawn…

Stanley Opie Archaeology


The Stanley Opie Archaeology collection (1001 quarter plate glass negatives) covers archaeological sites and excavations from the 1920s to 1950s. It…

Miscellaneous Photos


Photos which do not fit into other categories