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SCAPE 17HF 022.tif
Horticultural society awards on display in a cabinet

TRANS 30OF 147.tif
Hunt scene

SPORT 26HF 073.tif
Cornish Inter-County Championship Team. Newspaper article.

GYMK 13CF 030.tif
Possibly Newbridge

PEOP 21OF 422C.tif
Jimmy Saville before his fall from grace

WATERSc 31CF 138_edited-1.tif
Also, the old waterwheel. This stream joins Lariggan which empties into the sea at Wherrytown

PEOP 21HF 178.tif
Eight children

SERV 24PF 099.tif
Queen Street, Penzance

SERV 24HF 053.tif
Front of St John's Hall
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