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ENT 6.002.tif
A fairground organ manufactured by Gavioli et Cie, Paris.

ENT 6.003.tif
A 1911 ninety-eight key Marenghi Military Band Organ with the inscription, 'Playing the Melodies of Masters'.

(Refer to ENT 8.001 and ENT 10.001)

PEOP 8.068.tif
Brian Taylor with one of several vintage gramophones in his antique shop at Plymouth. Note the dog 'Nipper' trademark on the side of the base and box of needles on the turntable.

PEOP 8.069.tif
A young woman poses with a vintage portable gramophone and some Durium records, in Brian Taylor's antique shop in Plymouth.

PEOP 8.070.tif
A young enthusiast listens to a recording from an early cylinder record in Brian Taylor's Plymouth antique shop.

PEOP 8.071.tif
A young woman holding an old E Berliner's gramophone record - Angel Record Orchestra Trocadero Linares - in Brian Taylor's Plymouth antique shop.

CUST 8.038B.tif
Walking from St Ives Guildhall to Knill Monument, with fiddler leading the way.

CUST 8.038C.tif
The Knill Ceremony. The fiddler leads dancers along the plinth of the steeple in the 1976 ceremony.
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